Analytical Engineering Inc.
The Energy and Heat Transfer Group
Energy use and heat load analyzes

Heat transfer analysis
Radiation heat transfer
Progressive Technologies

  • Solar gain direct hot water
    or indirect fluid based

  • Geothermal heating and

  • Wind turbine systems
Let AEI help you decide
which progressive energy
system to invest in.
current heat loss situation.
Why would you need

As  we all know,
energy costs have
skyrocketed over the
past couple of years.

AEI can help you
assess your particular
energy situation.

It is prudent to first
determine heat and
energy losses
correctable at a
minimal expense, then
consider using the
newer technologies.

AEI calls this the
"inverted pyramid"
approach to problem
solving and it simply
makes good business

Give us a call - and
we'll see if we can help.

Remember AEI is
working for you, not
any manufacturer or
energy contractor.
Stealth Technologies

  • Modify window sash to
    jamb interfaces

  • Employ passive solar

  • Install a heat recovery tank

  • Use a "Rube Goldberg" hot
    water system

  • Install a "swamp cooler"
AEI's "Thermoboost"    (patent pending)

Hydronic hot water preheater system
may be adapted for your heating system
to provide a gentle thermal increase to your
baseboard hot water feed.

Thermoboost can result in a significant
reduction in heating oil usage.

Call AEI for details............
Solar Module Systems

Ground Mount Design
Roof Mount Guidance

Site Analysis

System specification   

Easy-Tilt (patent pending)
mounting system      
Research News from AEI !

AEI  is developing a new
low-cost solar system ground
mount frame suitable for
sloping terrain.

No mechanized equipment
needed for installation!

Patent Pending

Contact Dr. Shaheen for