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We are often asked about the mathematics group.

The fact is that in order to develop a rational quality control
and quality assurance plan (QC/QA), one must formulate
technical parameters using statistical methods.  Typical
uses are for evaluating concrete strength data, soil
compaction data or manufacturing processes.

Another key use of mathematics is in the transportation
business where a client (say a delivery company) seeks to
minimize fuel usage while making all its deliveries on a
given day.  This is widely-known as the "Traveling
Salesman" problem.

Financial institutions manage investment and underwriting
risks using statistical methods.

And of the high-tech business and aviation
and rocketry.....    
The manned variant of the Titan II launch vehicle was
plagued by a longitudinal vibration known as "pogo"
during its qualification testing in the early 1960s.  The
problem was solved using advanced mathematical
techniques which ultimately resulted in liquid
accumulators being installed immediately before the
Aerojet engines.  Problem solved.
A numerical solution of the RF field equations
enabled development of "stealth" technology, a
key feature of the
Lockheed F-117 Blackhawk.